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Welcome to Our Company

PT. Trimba Engineering is a private company established in Jakarta since April 2002. Starting his efforts in the field of repair and maintenance modules of various telecommunication devices and transmission, to the flight navigation systems.


In the development of PT. Trimba Engineering to diversify its business in line with the rapid growth of mobile infrastructure development in Indonesia. With the support of their expertise, in 2004 the company developed the business development division of BTS and Transmission. Start of Engineering Survey, LOS Survey, Installation, ATP to system integration.


The implications of this effort, the company believed for the first time to manage a network of care refers to the provision of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with which at that time was known as Care Services. In line with the strict application of the complexity of the activities and responsibilities of the management of the net, Care Services developed into FLM (First Level Maintenance) which refers to the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and more stringent SLAs to achieve NAV (Network Availability) and Network Stability high. These services, now better known as the Manage Services in accordance with the increasing independence of management systems and cellular networks.


PT. Trimba Engineering is committed to deliver its customers to improve more services, efficiency, and has high competitiveness.


Providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in providing competitive integrated solutions and services to customers.