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Manage Services

Manage Service

PT. Trimba Engineering designing and providing maintenance services overall telecommunication network (Manage Services) for our customers using the latest technologies by adopting the best industry methodologies, frameworks, best practices, supported by skilled resources to ensure that the network achieve network performance and high stability.


PT.Trimba Engineering is one of the pioneers in this field, ranging from activity Care Services in 2005. In line with the strict application of the complexity of the activities and responsibilities of the management of the net, Care Services developed into FLM (First Level Maintenance) which refers to the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and SLA (Service Level Agreement) tougher to achieve NAV (Network Availability) and Network Stability high. Services activity continues to grow and is now more commonly known as MS (Manage Services).


Manage Service aims to help Telecommunications Operators in Indonesia in developing services maintenance and repair support services network, especially Cellular Telecommunications Operations. In general, the operator sets the target NAV (Network Availability) is very high, reaching 99.99%. Besides, with this Service Manage operator efficiency level will be greatly assisted, especially in the control and suppress Opex.


Parts of the Manage Service:

Helpdesk / NOC
Helpdesk Team: Working 24/7 as the Main Monitoring in keeping disturbance will occur on Seluler..BTS Network, BSC MGW. Immediately inform all Forms of alarm that occurred in the Site to Team Field / Engineer FLM.


Team MS / FLM:
Corrective Maintenance: Responding to All Work that has been granted or inform of a central NOC, in terms of addressing the Site Disturbance. always ready based on SLA predetermined 24/7.


Preventive Maintenance:
Periodically perform routine jobs, Caring, and Keeping aimed Preventing and Minimizing Damage or problems that occur on the BTS, BSC and the MGW.
Additional Work: To improve the development of the required network operators, this work is done in the changing available network capacity.