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Repair Center

Repair Center

Since the establishment of the company, PT. Trimba Engineering has partnered with some of the Telecommunications Operator in Indonesia, particularly in the field of repair and maintenance of telecommunications equipment.


PT. Trimba Engineering experienced in repairing and testing the modules Telecommunications, such as: Radio Transmission PDH / SDH, Digital Microwave Radio, BTS Radio Module, networking Radio Repeater Radio, Antenna system, Duplexer, dehydrator, Power Amplifier (HPA), ACDC Power systems, VSAT module, Etc.


PT. Trimba Engineering has the expertise and skilled, experienced in the field of repair and testing of radio systems.


PT. Trimba Engineering has a workshop equipped with tools and measuring instruments which are adequate and renewable, Test bed and simulators.
PT.Trimba Providing Guarantee for Radio / Equipment which has been repaired in our workshop.