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Roll Out

Roll Out

PT.Trimba Engineering has started the construction work and installation services of telecommunications equipment (commonly called the Roll-Out) since 2004. This work is helpful services targeted acceleration in developing its mobile network operator, both 2G and 3G. Today, the company is still increasing expertise to keep abreast of development in particular leads to 4G LTE technology with the existing telecommunication vendors in Indonesia.


Roll Out include:

Engineering Survey;

Site Survey; LOS / Radio Frequency Interference; Cross-connection; Site Upgrade / Downgrade; New Turnkey; Misplace, Dismantle etc.


Engineering Survey: Conducting Survey for ............


Site Survey: Conduct surveys to determine the layout of the device that will be displayed on site and documented in accordance with the agreement of Vendors and Operators.


LOS / Radio Frequency Interference:
Conducting surveys with devices supplied by PT, Trimba Engineering in researching and observing the frequency slot which has not been used in an area to be submitted to the Contracting business Air Services Scope and Frequency in Indonesia by attaching a document that has been determined.




Site Upgrade/Downgrade:

New Turnkey:

Installation of Telecommunication Equipment that have been provided by vendors in the Site, the data document that has been prepared by Vendor.


Test Com and ATP: 

Perform Commissioning Data Devices with the data that has been allocated by the Operators and Vendors, Testing Finalization of devices that have been installed feasible operation and handed over to the Party Operator.